Neighborhood First Program, Inc.
In Their Own Words

HAVEN (Homework Athletics Values Education Network)

I like HAVEN because it is fun.  We always get pizza and play ball.  New people come here every day.  It is nice for me to get out of the house.  I wish HAVEN was every day.


I come to HAVEN because it is a place that lets me play sports, and do something instead of staying outside.  It has many cool things that they let you do like play board games, football, play basketball, etc.  There are many people that like coming and it is a place for everybody.  They even let you have food and drinks.  These are some of the reasons that I come to HAVEN.


HAVEN is a good program for kids like me to stay out of trouble.  I come to play basketball and to have fun with my friends and staff and to talk to Mr. Sam, JT, Walt, KK, and all of them.  I made a lot of things happen for me in this program.


I like HAVEN because I like playing basketball.  I like having fun with my friends.  I like meeting new friends.  I like getting my homework done first and having fun afterwords.  I like the board games.  I like the ping pong table too.



The Neighborhood First Program's trip to Martha's Vineyard can only be described as a pinball game for the senses.  Almost directly after our arrival the Illumination Night ceremony allowed us the pleasure of seeing a historical holiday special to Martha's Vineyard, and blinded us for a few seconds.  Soon thereafter we visited the cliffs for an amazing breakfast which made noses explode and mouths water.  Then the fireworks screamed their way into the night sky, and into the ears of all Oak Bluff Dwellers.  Last but not least was our trip to the Long Point Beach and Pond.  The feel of the salt water on our skin was both rough but welcome.  It was a five senses trip.  For those of us with the sixth sense, however, we saw no dead people.  We did experience a sail boat ride, bridge jumping, some excellent dancing, and even a wonderful carnival.  And none of us from Neighborhood First program can wait to go back again!



The thing I liked about the Back History Program was the look-a-like segment.  When Obama came out, everyone was wild and crazy to see him.  That was my favorite part.


The Black history Program was one of the best experiences of my life.  I had a great time performing on stage and having everyone cheer for me.  That is one thing I am definitely going to remember.  Also another thing that I will remember is theother people that were in the program perfroming.  That was really a fun program or show.


I was involved in the African American Black History Month Event with Neighborhood First.  I enjoyed my time there, it was fun and it was also a great experience.  My favorite part was when they called up Tiger Woods (me), Tyra Banks, etc. as a part of the look a like segment.  I like when they sang songs onstage.  It sounded really nice.  What I enjoyed most was just being there, there are not a lot of opportunities like that.


I liked the part of the Black History Month Program where I was dancing.  I was doing a praise dance to a gospel song called, Set Me Free.  I love to praise dance.


My favorite part was when I came out for the look-a-like part and everybody was hype and loud.