Neighborhood First Program, Inc.
Current Programs

Bucket Drumming Corps

Bucket Drumming Corps helps youth discover and explore their talents, and values. In addition to drumming, and teaching them how to be performers our goal is to provide opportunities for constructive activities that encourage children to learn and develop healthy self-images and self-determination. The corps offers youth a safe environment where they can have fun, learn life skills, and interact with other youth.

H.A.V.E.N (Homework, Athletics, Values, Education Network)

Neighborhood First Program, Inc is one of the first programs of its kind in Bristol Township to provide a comprehensive after school program focusing on the areas of remedial education; homework assistance, healthy meals and fitness activities. This combination of services has resulted in providing a comprehensive, safe haven for at risk youth during at risk hours. Parental support for the program is strong, as evidenced by the high rate of student participation. A significant number have advanced their grades, evidenced by report cards and school truancy rates have declined for this group of students. Students are held accountable to an acceptable standard of behavior and respect. Register now!
Wearable Arts

Wearable Art combines art techniques with students' original creative thought to promote high self esteem, creative thinking and entrepreneurial principles. Students meet once a week after school to create their own wearable art piece, using fashion design elements that they're sure to be proud of. From bracelets to shirts to book bags and more, Wearable Art encourages original thought, helps students exercise their creative voice, and builds self esteem while building personal relationships.

T.A.G. (Teen Awareness Group)

The mission of T.A.G. is to provide a safe environment during the hours of 3 PM - 5 PM every Thursday after school for members who consist of an alliance of diverse young people from all backgrounds and social groups, dedicated to working together to become young leaders. This group is designed to allow students, who would not usually be grouped together because of abilities or ages, join together to identify the various compromising situations many young people will face during their adolescent years, and attempts to raise awareness and promote healthy social decision making and behaviors. Students participate in fundraisers, educational trips, and occasional game days and meets after school at FDR Middle School.